Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


We are stuck in our lease; do you have any programs to get us out?
Yes! We have a “Lease Rescue” program that is the best in the industry. We can help you get out of your lease when no one else can. If you're not ready to get out of your lease yet, but you want to at least create a lease cancellation/termination letter, click here and let us send a personalized letter straight to your inbox.


We have offices in multiple cities / states. Can you provide sales and service in these areas?
Yes, that is why we changed our name to USA Copiers. Quite simply because, we serve the USA. We have over 3,000 technicians and engineers nationwide. In fact, our service is better than local companies can provide. Currently we manage copiers in over 40 states.


What brands of copiers do you offer?
Unlike other copier companies who offer multiple brands in the hope you will like at least one of them, USA Copiers only offers one brand: Xerox. Xerox invented the copier and they are just made to be more reliable. By offering just one brand, our technicians become experts and our service calls are a third the number that other brands receive. With low service call volume, we have half the turnover of our typical competitor and the reduced cost of service is one reason our service rates are some of the lowest in the industry. Click here to see our current inventory.


Do you have used copiers?
No! The copier industry's definition of a used copier is a copier installed and used from 3-5 years, reconditioned and then sold or leased to another customer for 3-5 years at a lower price.

USA Copiers offers both "New" and "Certified Better Than New" machines only. Certified Better Than New machines are late model Xerox machines with less than two months of usage that our team has upgraded with all the bells and whistles to be better than if you had bought it from Xerox itself.

Our technicians then replace every paper feed roller that has a life of 150K impressions with a new aftermarket feed roller that goes to 300K! This and several other after-market upgrades render these machines “Better Than New”, so much so that our leasing partners have authorized our machines to qualify for the same lease rates and terms as our new machines.

This is not the case for used machines, as the lease rates and terms for used machines are much higher.

We have the nation’s largest supply of Certified Better Than New machines. Connect us to learn more about our current inventory and how your company can save up to 60% off new prices.


To our surprise, our service rates on our copiers go up every year! Do your service plans do the same?
No! One of our 10 “Seriously, we’re not your average copier company” value propositions is that your service rates are fixed for the entire term and will never go up. As the saying goes, the Devil is in the details, and most unsuspecting customers don’t see the fine print in their service agreement. To get some help understanding your current copier lease agreement, click here to get your very own copy of "The Ultimate Guide to Decoding Your Copier Lease" sent straight to your inbox. For. Free.


What do you mean by “93% first visit fix rate?”
Most copier companies train their sales reps to tell every customer that their service response time is 4 hours or less. This means nothing if the tech arrives, examines your machine and finds that he/she needs to order a part. At USA Copiers, we take an entirely different approach on service. After all, an average of 20 new customers per month come to USA Copiers because the service on their current machines was not satisfactory.

Here is how it works: You submit a service request on our website and within one hour our National Service Team will call you to assess your problem. 40% of the time our 2nd level team will fix your problem over the phone or remotely over the Internet. 60% of the time we will send a technician. Our service team will get a “Fault Code” that your Xerox machine will generate. We then know what is wrong and how we will fix your machine. Instead of bringing a part with them, our tech will bring the entire sub system assembly. This will ensure we fix the problem and reduce downtime for your office. This is the main reason we reach such staggering statistics with our service. Compare a 93% first visit fix rate to the industry standard of just 56%! Up time beats response time every time!