Xerox C70 Digital Press

The Xerox C70 Digital Press printer/copier is perfect for you if you need High Definition (HD) color with tight front to back registration, Pantone color-matching, and proper CMYK interpolation from your Adobe software package! Phew! That’s a mouthful, but honestly, the Xerox C70 Digital Press is exactly what your office needs. It is best for you to reach out to us and request to speak to our color productions specialist. (He is a color geek and fluent in both Microsoft and Apple platforms. Sold/leased in both new and Certified Better-Than-New models. (Also, we occasionally have a couple of demo models available at a steep discount!)

Xerox C70 digital press copier with printing capabilities


Xerox C70 Digital Press Brochure CoverClick on the Xerox C70 Digital Press Product Brochure image to learn more about details on printing capabilities, image quality, color scale, speed, finishing options, technical specifications, and more.