Current Inventory

For a home office or small office of 3-5, the Xerox 5335 is a great deal for the budget-minded office.

Marketing departments, graphic artists, and anyone who is color critical all know that a Xerox Digital press is the answer! 2400 x 2400 DPI offers twice the resolution of any other machine.

For either a small office or a small work group of 2-3 people, it is hard to beat the Xerox 3635, a black and white full-functioning MFP.

A black and white full-size MFP that comes in 5 different speeds; 45/55/65/75 and 90 pages per minute.

A 2014 model that just seems to last and last and last.

The 7775 is for those folks who print a lot of color and want great quality, but don’t necessarily need to match any Pantone colors.

Utilizing LED printing instead of laser, this full size multifunction copier is the best office color machine in its class!

The big brother of the 7800 series boasts all the same features except for one: it prints at a blazing 70 pages per minute!

You need High Definition Color with tight front to back registration and oh, yeah, it would be nice if you could dial in a ton of Pantone color matching along with proper CMYK interpolation from your Adobe software package!